Spot the Pigeon

When I was growing up in England, many newspapers carried a cartoon page entry called “Spot the Pigeon.” The page would feature a cartoon frame that had nothing to do with pigeons but, if you looked hard enough, you would find one. (This was some 25 years before “Where’s Waldo?”) The newspaper would accept entries from successful pigeon spotters, draw a winner, and award a prize the following week.

While I can assure you that you won’t find a likeness of a pigeon anywhere in my books, I am equally certain that – despite my efforts to thwart mistakes – you will find some: errors of fact, spelling mistakes, wrong words, missing words, maps gone wrong, etc. If you find an error, check
here or on the errata link on the main page for each title. If the blunder is not yet recorded, send me an e-mail. If and when the correction is made on a reprint, I will send you a signed copy of the new book.

If you can’t spot the “pigeon” in the photo above, click