Less than 10 percent of the world’s deforested land will be replanted with trees. Mountain Vision Publishing supports the reforestation work of Trees for the Future. This US-based NGO is in its third decade of putting tree seeds in the hands of people whose lives have been directly impacted by deforestation. The tree species used (such as Leucaena and Moringa) grow prolifically in the affected areas, restoring watersheds, providing firewood, and producing leaf litter that helps to create new soil. It’s a low-tech, in-the-dirt approach with minimal intrusion into the lives and cultures of the people affected. The visiting technicians provide the seeds, the tools, and the know-how, and keep contact with the communities involved. Nature takes care of the rest. Another happy by-product of the work is that the trees absorb atmospheric carbon. Mountain Vision’s support of Trees for the Future is intended to help offset the environmental impacts of book production and distribution. Mountain Vision will fund the planting of one tree for each book sold.