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Take a Penny

You know how it is when you have a good experience that you would like to share, but that experience is not directly related to what came before or to what might come after? That is what this page is about. Here I will place links to websites, organizations, and businesses that are doing a good job at what they represent, build or sell.
Need some inspiration? Take a penny.

Are you looking to purchase a violin and accessories?
Do you need expert help with graphic design, web design or print design?

Are you on the way to the trailhead? Need breakfast, lunch or snacks? Visit JK Bakery in Canmore.

Flying from northwestern BC to Vancouver? Fly Hawkair.

Would you like to visit a website that truly captures the beauty and spirit of a natural place?
Explore the Mournes

Planning to stay in Vancouver? Check out the
Holiday Inn, Vancouver Centre. Friendly staff, nice rooms, reasonable rates, great location.